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Environmental Chemistry Resources


Very Fast Death Factor

We didn't make that up; that is actually the name of the molecule. A mini-lecture on a toxin created by cyanobacteria.

Scary Mary Magnesium

A clip showing what Mary Poppins would look like if Wes Craven directed it. (Extra credit if you can figure out how this relates to magnesium.)

Bring Out Your Dead (and We'll Bring Them Back)

Is it ethical to bring extinct species back to life?

An End to Extinction?

Another video on bringing animals back.

Professor Bean Creates an Aurora in the Lab

Mr. Bean performs a "chemistry experiment."

Games and Tools

Element Hangman

The site includes six element games, including hangman, memory, and balancing equations.

Match the Atmospheric Species

The type of memory game a chemist might play.


Tracking Fashion Trends by the River Colors

Illegal dumping dirties the waters of a river behind a primary school in Bangladesh.

Hot, Hot, Hot

National Geographic takes us on a photographic journey highlighting the effects of heat on earth.

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