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Eos (Aurora)

Eos (Aurora)

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Eos (Aurora) Photos

    Beautiful Me
    I'm one good looking goddess, right boys? [Eos by Evelyn de Morgan, 1895]

    The Best Part of Waking Up...
    ... is me. [The Gates of Dawn by Herbert James Draper, 1900]

    Poor Tithonus
    Word to the wise: when you ask for your mortal lover to be made immortal, make sure you ask for him not to age as well. [Aurora and Tithonus by Francesco de Mura, 18th century]

    Work, Work, Work
    You would not believe how much trouble it is to get the day started. [Aurora by Guido Reni, 1612-1614]

    My Brother's Replacement
    Helios would be so mad if he saw me posing with Apollo. [Apollo and Aurora by Gerard de Lairesse, 1671]

    The One That Got Away
    Oh Cephalus, you were a tasty morsel. [Cephalus and Aurora by Nicolas Poussin, 1630]