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Epistle to the Romans

Epistle to the Romans

Epistle to the Romans Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Considering Paul never even met Jesus during his lifetime, do you think he gets too much air time in the Bible?
  2. What do you think of Paul's views on homosexuality?
  3. Does it make sense to think of circumcision as a symbolic action and not a literal one?
  4. Paul warns us that only God can judge, but doesn't Paul do a bit of judging in here, too? Is judging others always wrong?
  5. Is Paul's recognition of humanity as sinful at odds with promoting self-esteem?
  6. Why do people keep using Romans for anti-Semitic purposes?
  7. How would you feel if people were still reading your texts or emails 2,000 years from now?
  8. Why are Paul's letters letters? Why not manifestos or treatises?
  9. What do you think of Paul's shout-outs to the Hebrew Bible (a.k.a. the Old Testament)? Are they confusing, or do they add to his argument?
  10. Paul talks about a female deacon named Phoebe. What do you think she would say if she got a chance to write a letter to the Romans?
  11. Paul is big on Christians not being arrogant, boastful, or filled with pride. Do you think modern Christians would agree?
  12. Are laws a good idea? Are they important for setting limits? Or can they actually lead us to do bad things? What would Paul say?
  13. Paul really wants Christians to get along, but today, they're still pretty divided. What are some things that contemporary Christians argue about?
  14. Do you think Paul is right to call himself an apostle? Does he have as much claim to the title as, say, Peter or James?
  15. Why is Paul so obsessed with Jesus's death? Isn't this a complete downer?
  16. Take a look at Paul's advice in the beginning of Chapter 13. Is he right? Is it wrong to rebel against authority? Or is that part of being a good person?
  17. Why does Paul write to a church he hasn't founded or even visited?

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