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Epitaph for an Old Woman
Epitaph for an Old Woman
by Octavio Paz

Epitaph for an Old Woman Sadness Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Epitaph for an Old Woman (title)

From the start, we should know that this poem isn't going to be super-upbeat. An epitaph is something that is written in memory of a person, in this case, an old woman who has died. Generally, these epitaphs are quite sad, though every now and then, they have a positive message for those the dead left behind.

Quote #2

They buried her in the family tomb (1)

Think about the people who are burying her, and how they likely have other family members buried in the same tomb. Think about how being in the place where all those they have lost are buried would make them feel: deeply, deeply sad.

Quote #3

and in the depths the dust
of what was once her husband
                                             trembled: (2-4)

Though there's nothing explicit about sadness in these lines, reading them gives us a very solemn feeling. We feel what is probably sadness mixed with joy in reading that this woman's husband awaits her and trembles when she joins him in the grave.

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