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Equations and Inequalities Resources

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Mathdrills.com: Algebra Worksheets

Plenty of helpful worksheets here, where you can get practice filling in missing numbers, rewriting formulas, and simplifying and evaluating algebraic equations. It’s not nearly as painful as the term "drill" implies.

Passy’s World of Mathematics: Equivalent Equations

One of the most important equation skills you’ll need to have in your repertoire is the ability to scale them up or down, depending on what is needed in any given situation. This site breaks down how to tell if two equations are equivalent, as well as how to create equivalent equations when that is what’s needed. It is something like being able to identify identical twins in real life, assuming one of them has been exposed to nuclear radiation, and has grown to 3x his original size.

Solving Simple Algebra Equations

A nice refresher course on all things equations; adding and subtracting like terms, dealing with parentheses and fractions, solving equations with specific steps and more. Sign up for their newsletter, and you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a new Jeep Grand Cherokee! Okay, that’s a lie.

Math for Morons Like Us: Multiple Variable Equations

Okay, first of all, please don’t be offended by the name of this site. They are not referring to you. They are talking about older people who have been out of high school for years and don’t remember squat. Don’t worry—you will not be one of those people. Anyway, check this site out for some help with multiple variable equations. You will be happy you did, especially when you’re 40.


Solving Algebraic Equations

It is important to always remember that whatever you do to the left side of an equation, you also need to do to the right side. This video will hammer that point home. Gee whiz— hammers, drills...who knew there was so much overlap between the skills of a mathematician and those of a handyman?

Khanacademy.org: Solving Inequalities

For more on solving inequalities and depicting them on a number line, watch this video from Khan Academy. For added fun, use your arrow and try to keep up with the arrow on the screen. Good luck.

Games and Tools

Mathplay.com: Hoop Shoot

This super-fun game combines equation-solving skills and basketball three-pointing skills. Okay, so they probably won’t translate to the court. Still, it is nice seeing that ball go "swish," even if it doesn’t earn you any jock points.

Funtrivia.com: Basic Geometry Formulas

You may be perfectly capable of breaking down what a particular problem is asking, but if you don’t have the appropriate geometry formula committed to memory, you will be up algebra creek without an equation. Take this quiz and see how you do!

Mathplay.com: Inequality Game

Make the genie proud and pass this inequality quiz with flying colors. If you fail, just ask the genie for a time machine, then go back about five minutes and try again.

Jefferson Lab: Speedmath - Inequalities

It’s more about quality than quantity, but how quickly can you speed through inequality problems? Try this game and then see if you can beat your own time! Or, play a friend and engage in some healthy competition. Just don’t let it turn ugly.

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