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by Christopher Paolini

Brom Timeline & Summary

  • At the trader's carnival, Brom the storyteller spins a good yarn about the Dragon Riders. 
  • Brom is paid a visit by Eragon, who asks him a bunch of questions about dragons and Dragon Riders.
  • When Eragon goes to leave Carvahall to track those responsible for the death of his uncle, Brom tells Eragon about the Ra'zac and offers to come along for the ride and help. 
  • Brom doesn't reveal much of his own past, but as they travel, he begins to train Eragon in the ways of sword fighting. It's no easy A in this class, either.
  • After Eragon uses magic to kill some Urgals, Brom begins to give him magic lessons as well.
  • They continue to track the Ra'zac for a time, but then lose the trail.
  • Finally they get to Teirm, and Brom finds his old buddy Jeod. Naturally, they reminisce about old times.
  • Jeod helps Brom and Eragon break into the city records and eventually trace the Ra'zac to the city of Dras-Leona.
  • Brom continues Eragon's sword and magic training while they're on the road. No breaks for travel.
  • After they arrive in Dras-Leona, Brom and Eragon are discovered by the Ra'zac. They flee the city.
  • Although they initially get away, the Ra'zac track them and capture them.
  • As they flee, one of the Ra'zac throws a dagger at Eragon, but Brom leaps in super-dramatic, slo-mo style, and blocks the dagger from hitting Eragon.
  • Brom is healed by Eragon, but only on the outside.
  • Nearing death, Brom gives Eragon a blessing.
  • Brom is buried in a tomb built by Eragon, and refined into crystal by Saphira.