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by Christopher Paolini

Eragon Chapter 27 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Of Reading and Plots

  • The next few days are spent with Eragon learning how to read and practicing his sword fighting and magic in his spare time. In the evenings, he visits Saphira. 
  • In short order, Brom says he's ready to launch his plan. He clues Eragon in on the deets, but all we get is, "this is what we'll do…" (27.10).
  • Eragon speaks with Saphira telepathically, letting her know that they will be leaving soon. He's kind of bummed. He liked his time in Teirm. Still, he knows the life of a Rider can't be a normal one, what with the dragon and all.
  • That night, he has a vivid dream in which he sees a young woman in a cell. She is crying a single tear. 
  • Eragon wakes to finds himself crying, too, before he falls back off to sleep.

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