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by Christopher Paolini

Eragon Chapter 31 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Master of the Blade

  • The next day, Brom and Eragon are feeling better. 
  • Eragon asks Brom about the woman that he scried, but Brom doesn't know her.
  • They spend the day traveling and make it to the shores of Leona Lake, camping for the night.
  • The next morning, Eragon jumps on Saphira and they dive into the lake together. Fun times.
  • He dries off and they head back on the road, with Saphira splashing around in the lake.
  • That night, it's time to spar again. This time, though, Eragon wins. 
  • Sparring's over, says Brom. When Eragon protests, Brom explains that he can't teach Eragon anything more. He's now officially one super-bad hombre with a sword.
  • Watch out for things like elves and the Ra'zac, though, Brom warns. They are stronger than humans. 
  • Eragon wants to know more about how to fight with magic.
  • It turns out that there are strict rules. Magicians can't fight until they have breached each other's mental defenses. That way they have a split-second to react to spells. Otherwise, it would just be too dangerous. As it is, even if you have a second of warning about a spell, there's no guarantee that you can do anything to stop it.
  • It sounds tough and dangerous.
  • Yup, agrees Brom. But he'll train Eragon. In the meantime, here's what to do if he finds himself in a magician's battle: run.

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