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by Christopher Paolini

Eragon Chapter 35 Summary

How It All Goes Down

The Ra'zac's Revenge

  • Eragon wakes up groggily. He's tied up. So is Brom.
  • Eragon tries to remember some magic words, but he can't. He's been drugged by those dastardly Ra'zac.
  • He sees that Saphira's been muzzled and wrapped in chains, too.
  • The Ra'zac taunt Eragon, saying he'll make a good servant for their master. 
  • Brom stirs. The Ra'zac debate giving him more of the drug, or just killing him outright. They go with plan B.
  • As they are about to slit Brom's throat, though, arrows fly at them from an unseen attacker. One of the Ra'zac is hit in the shoulder. 
  • They take off, but not before kicking Eragon in the side and throwing a dagger at him. Brom, who has staggered to his feet, leaps in front of the flying dagger and takes one for the team. Well, really, he takes one for Eragon.
  • Eragon cries out, then he passes out. Again.

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