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by Christopher Paolini

Eragon Chapter 40 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Du Sundavar Freohr

  • Eragon wakes up in a cell with dried blood on his face. It's not his, though. Must be dried Urgal blood. Yuck.
  • But that splitting headache is Eragon's. 
  • Still, he tries to use his magic, but his head is too fuzzy. He must've been drugged. His sword is gone, too.
  • He eats some thin cabbage soup and goes back to sleep. What else can he do?
  • The sound of marching soldiers wakes him up. They pass by his cell, dragging an unconscious woman. Hold the phone! That's the woman from his dream! And she's an elf!
  • Behind the soldiers comes someone else. He's tall, with red hair—a Shade.
  • I gotta get outta here, thinks Eragon. He sits down on his bed again, but then he passes out. (Seriously?!)
  • When he wakes up again, he realizes that the drug he was given is wearing off.
  • Eragon realizes that they're spiking his meals. From now on, he chucks the food and water out his cell window. His mind starts to clear up.
  • Later on, the Shade shows up at his cell. He wants to know Eragon's name.
  • Eragon pretends to be drugged, and mutters his name. Not that one, says that Shade. He wants Eragon's hidden name.
  • Eragon doesn't even know that, so he makes something up: "Du Sundavar Freohr." It translates to "death of the shadows." In your face, Shady.
  • Eragon wants to know what the Shade wants. To gloat, is the reply. Then the Shade tells him to think carefully about who he wants to serve.
  • He promises Eragon that he'll return soon to continue their convo about names. 
  • After the Shade leaves, Eragon tries to remember some magic words, but his brain's not up for it just yet.

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