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by Christopher Paolini

Coming of Age Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

"Congratulations, you just made enemies with one of the most powerful beings in Alagaësia."

"All right, I made a mistake," said Eragon suddenly. (30.29-30)

Oh, Eragon. When will you learn? Brom's instructions don't take hold overnight. Eragon goes through a slow, often difficult process to learn how to act as a Rider. Learning to use his powers wisely is one of the most important challenges for him as he comes of age.

Quote #5

Then Eragon felt the battle change. Blow by blow he gained advantage; Brom's parries slowed and he lost ground. (31.30)

The sparring sessions between Eragon and Brom are lessons in how to fight with a sword, sure, but there's something more to them. As Eragon starts to hold his own against his master, we see that his powers are maturing, just like Eragon himself.

Quote #6

"I want to get the Ra'zac," said Eragon […] "but not if it means fighting the king. He could probably tear me to pieces." (33.20)

Good thinking, Eragon. Before, he'd just rush off into battle, firing magic bolts until he passed out from the effort. Eragon's increased caution shows that he is maturing. He's thinking more carefully about when to fight and when to run away so he can live to fight another day.

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