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by Christopher Paolini

Coming of Age Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Eragon ground his teeth with fury. […] He was about to release the magic when it struck him. He'd never get away! (34.6)

Aha! More signs of maturity from our man Eragon here. Sure, it would feel much better to blast the slave market in Dras-Leona into itty bitty smithereens, but what purpose would that serve? The mature Eragon is able to see the big picture. If he restrains himself, he'll stay a free man and will be better able to destroy Galbatorix's forces once and for all.

Quote #8

Eragon reached for another arrow, but caution stayed his hand. If they knew where to find me, Brom is in danger as well! I must warn him! (34.21)

We like this newly cautious, mature Eragon. He's more like a chess master now, rather than a dull, magic-firing instrument. His strategy and big-picture thinking mean that he can save his friend, rather than get bogged down in a pointless fight—even if it is with those jerkface Ra'zac.

Quote #9

From this moment on, I'll live by the sword. Let the whole world see what I am. I have no fear. I am a Rider now, fully and completely. (38.13)

Here we see Eragon at last embracing the identity he's destined for. It's a sign of his maturity that he's now confident in who he is and is able to take ownership of his powers, and the responsibilities that come with them.

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