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by Christopher Paolini

Eragon Timeline & Summary

  • Eragon is hunting in the mountains when, all of the sudden, BOOM! 
  • Eragon turns around to find a blue stone, lying in a crater in the middle of a scorched radius of grass and trees.
  • He takes the stone home and keeps it until, one night, it starts to crack open, and out pops a baby dragon. Well then.
  • Eragon decides that he'll keep the dragon, raising it secretly in the woods nearby. 
  • Later, in the village, Eragon hears that two men in dark, hooded cloaks and carrying swords showed up, asking about Eragon's blue stone. 
  • Eragon hurries home to mentally converse with his dragon, Saphira, about the hooded strangers. 
  • Saphira launches into the air, with Eragon clinging to her back, and Eragon is forced to sleep that night in the mountains.
  • The next morning, Eragon and Saphira race back home, only to find that his farm house has been completely destroyed and Eragon's Uncle Garrow is badly hurt.
  • After his uncle dies, Eragon takes off on a quest to avenge his uncle's killers. Commence epic battle between good and evil.
  • He agrees to let old Brom the storyteller join him and Saphira on their quest.
  • Brom explains to Eragon that they're after the Ra'zac, evil minions who likely killed Garrow.
  • They track the Ra'zac to the port city of Teirm, on the coast. From Teirm, Eragon and Brom figure that the most likely place for the Ra'zac to be is the city of Dras-Leona.
  • While in Dras-Leona, though, Eragon is discovered by the Ra'zac. Uh oh.
  • He's forced to flee, but is eventually caught by the Ra'zac.
  • Luckily, Eragon and Brom are saved by Murtagh, who says he's also an enemy of the Ra'zac.
  • They retreat to a cave, where Brom dies from his wounds in fighting the Ra'zac. 
  • After burying Brom, Eragon and Murtagh go in search of the Varden, a rebel group opposed the evil King Galbatorix.
  • In the process, Eragon is captured and taken to Gil'ead when a group of Urgals storm their campsite. Eventually, Murtagh helps rescue Eragon from prison. (Can you tell we're leaving a lot out? Just go ahead and read the book.)
  • With Murtagh's help, Eragon rescues Arya (who's been poisoned), briefly fights Durza the Shade, and escapes Gil'ead on Saphira's back. 
  • Eragon heads across the Hadarac Desert and eventually to Tronjheim, Varden's hidden city.
  • Eragon recuperates among the Varden, but then bad news arrives: an army of Urgals is only a day's march away. Yikes.
  • Eragon and Saphira help prepare defenses with the Varden, and then the battle begins.
  • After kicking major Urgal-butt, Eragon encounters Durza the Shade and, although he is wounded, Eragon manages to kill him by stabbing him in the heart. 
  • While he recuperates from his wounds, Eragon feels a presence in his mind. Its voice says that all of his questions will be answered and only then will he be safe. He should just follow Arya to Ellesméra. 
  • Eragon resolves to go and see this voice, the Cripple Who is Whole.