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by Christopher Paolini

Friendship Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

As her mind joined his, new strength infused his body. Eragon drew upon their combined power […].

Saphira nodded. Together we can cast spells that are beyond either of us. (36.23, 25)

You know how two heads are better than one? Well, if that head belongs to a dragon, you're in even better shape. Eragon and Saphira make a great team, enhancing each other's abilities. Eragon's magic gains strength from having Saphira near. Even without magic, that makes sense. Don't your buddies help you accomplish things you might not be able to without them? Ours do.

Quote #5

Who was a Dragon Rider
And like a father
To me.
May his name live on in glory. (37.37)

The runes that Eragon inscribes on Brom's tomb are all-the-more touching because Eragon never knew his real father. After his uncle Garrow dies, Brom comes along to fill the space left by that father figure. Of course, Brom mainly berates Eragon for being a big dummy, and he pummels him every night with a wooden stick, but Eragon comes to appreciate Brom's instruction and friendship. Their bond becomes so intense that, after Brom's death, Eragon wants the world to know that Brom was a friend and so much more.

Quote #6

Crying out with relief, Eragon threw his arms around her. She hummed contentedly.

I missed you, little one. (41.68)

Whenever they are apart for any length of time, Saphira and Eragon are overjoyed when they get back together. "Little one" is Saphira's pet name for Eragon, and speaks to the care she feels for him. Don't your friends have nicknames, too? Our buddies like to call us "Whiskers McGee." … We don't really want to get into that, though.

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