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by Christopher Paolini

The Home Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

"Your fate will be to leave this land forever. Where you will end up, I know not, but you will never again stand in Alagaësia." (26.55)

Gee, thanks, Angela. Here she gives Eragon a grim bit of news about his fortune: he's fated to leave his homeland, never to return again. Does that sound like he's doomed to you, or does it sound like he's liberated? Probably depends on how you see your home, right? For Eragon, it's the source of some major anxiety.

Quote #5

I don't want to leave Teirm, he suddenly realized. The time I've spent here has been—almost normal. What I would give not to keep uprooting myself. (27.14)

The routine Eragon establishes in the port city of Teirm—honing his fighting and magic skills, learning to read—gives him a sense of consistency and, well, a sense of home. But alas, putting down roots is not in the hero's cards.

Quote #6

What is it you want? she asked, suddenly sour. To go back to your previous life? You know that won't happen, so stop mooning after it! (33.43)

Good ol' Saphira—she's always good for a kick in Eragon's pants. When he gets down or mopey, she's there with a big bucket of ice cold reality to dump on his head. In this case, she tells Eragon to accept the loss of his home and prior life. He needs to accept his fate, including the loss of his home life, if he's going to be a successful Rider. Does that strike you as good advice?

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