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by Christopher Paolini

Identity Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

"You have a unique name. Few have ever been named after the first Rider." (25.56)

Eragon's reputation precedes him. Or, rather, the reputation of his namesake precedes him. Jeod knows who the first Eragon was. Do you think this colors his attitude (for good or bad) toward the Eragon we all know (and love)?

Quote #8

"I am Eragon."

Angela arched her eyebrows. "Is that who you are or your name?"

"Both," said Eragon with a small smile, thinking of his namesake, the first Rider. (26.67-69)

Good question, Angela. How much of our identity is wrapped up in our name? Do you think that a name can affect a person's identity? Or do you side with Shakespeare on this one?

Quote #9

"What is your name?"


"No! Not that one." […]

He wants my true name so he can control me! realized Eragon. (40.31-34)

This highlights the notion of the "secret name," the idea that most people don't even know their true, hidden names. If they did, powerful magicians like the Shade could control them. Why do you think knowing someone's "true" name might give them that power? Would a secret name be somehow linked to a person's identity?

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