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by Christopher Paolini

Language and Communication Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

There was always a small part of him connected to the dragon, ignored at times, but never forgotten. When he talked with people, the contact was distracting, like a fly buzzing in his ear. (5.30)

At first glance, we might think this is magical, but if you take a closer look, it's something we all experience. You know when you bond with someone, and then you keep talking to them in your head even when they aren't around? Maybe that's a distraction at times, but we bet it can be a great comfort, too.

Quote #5

A single word rang in his head, deep and clear. 


It was solemn and sad, as if an unbreakable pact were being sealed. He stared at the dragon and a cold tingle ran down his arm. (5.38-40)

Saphira not only reaches out to Eragon's mind, but communicates her feelings, too. She's bummed that he has to leave her. That act, of giving Eragon a sense of how she feels, is described as a "pact […] being sealed." Is that how communication works? Is it all about feelings?

Quote #6

Saphira was as real and complex as any person. Her personality was eclectic and at times completely alien, yet they understood each other on a profound level. (8.15)

Saphira is truly different from Eragon (read: she's a dragon…), but through their bond, her personality is not a totally foreign thing for him. He is able to understand her point of view and vice versa.

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