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by Christopher Paolini

Language and Communication Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Eragon tried to put his hand on the bay like Brom had, but it shied away. He automatically reached out with his mind to reassure the horse […] The contact was not clear or sharp like it was with Saphira, but he could communicate with the bay to a limited degree. (16.71)

Hmmm. Eragon not only has the power to mentally link up with Saphira, but he can do this with all living things (werecats included)—to a certain degree at least. He's a regular Dr. Doolittle. How does this affect the way we understand his power?

Quote #8

"But what does that have to do with magic?" interrupted Eragon.

"Everything! It is the basis for all power. The language describes the true nature of things, not the superficial aspects that everyone sees." (19.49-50)

Cool idea alert. Brom points out that the true power of magic has to do with the way it functions as a language. The language of magic is not just "hocus pocus," it's the expression of the true nature of reality. Think about how tough it can be to put your thoughts into words. Wouldn't it be great if you knew the exact right word for everything? It wouldn't be just great. It'd be magical.

Quote #9

"While speaking [the magical language], it's impossible to practice deceit." (20.24)

That makes sense. Since speaking magic is about putting ideas and objects into their truest expression, then there'd be no way to lie. Think about that for a minute. Would we ever need to lie, if we knew the right words for everything?

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