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by Christopher Paolini

The Supernatural Quotes in Eragon

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

A ball of flame sprang from his hand and flew toward the elf. (Prologue.22-23)

Right from the start, we are immersed in the supernatural here. Elves? Check. Magic? Check. Dark wizards from another spirit plane? Oh, you better believe that's a check.

Quote #2

If he had learned anything from the old stories, it was to treat magic, and those who used it, with great caution. (1.13)

Magic is actually pretty rare in Eragon's world, something from the "old stories." Because it's rare, though, it inspires fear and awe. When he becomes a magic-user himself, Eragon inspires those same feelings in others.

Quote #3

"Chaos seems to rule in Alagaësia. We could not avoid illness, attacks, and the most cursed black luck." (3.49)

Merlock the trader describes the goings-on in Alagaësia as the descent of "black luck." Do you think that the evil forces in charge of the Empire are capable of cursing an entire country, sort of like the worst version ever of pay-it-forward? Or is the Empire ruled by evil because of this black luck? This is a chicken and egg question… of the most evil dimensions.

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