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Ernest Hemingway Video & Audio

1944: Embedded

Footage (circa 1944) of Ernest Hemingway and Edward G. Robinson's WWII reporting.

Ernest Hemingway: "The Fifth Column"

Audio of Hemingway reading from "The Fifth Column."

Ernest Hemingway Documentary

Mini-documentary of Hemingway's life.

Ernest Hemingway and Bullfights in Spain

Interesting little video featuring vintage bullfighting film and Hemingway's words on the subject.

Ernest Hemingway Audio

This entertaining page has audio clips of Hemingway reading his Nobel acceptance speech and a work in progress, as well as Charlton Heston reading "The Snows of Kilimanjaro."

Ernest Hemingway on Gulf Stream Fishing and Writing

A reading of Hemingway's 1936 Esquire interview and quotes from his friend John dos Passos, voiced over vintage footage of the writer.

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