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Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising


by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Miguel Timeline and Summary

  • Miguel grows up on the ranch of Esperanza's Papa. Miguel has a knack for fixing just about anything which means we have a knack for Miguel. Sigh.
  • Miguel and Esperanza are besties, but when Esperanza reminds Miguel that they belong to different social classes (smooth, E), he stops joking around with her.
  • After Esperanza's Papa dies, things get better between the two friends.
  • Miguel tells Esperanza that he wants to go to the U.S., because in Mexico he'll never be anything more than a servant. In the U.S., he'll have an opportunity to work his dream job as a railroad mechanic.
  • Once they're in California, Miguel and Esperanza get in a huge fight. Bottom line: Esperanza is tired of his optimism. Miguel always insists that things are going to get better, but Esperanza doesn't see how.
  • Miguel takes Esperanza's money and disappears. He tells his parents he's gone north to look for a railroad job, but when he returns to California, he's got Abuelita with him. Our hero.
  • Miguel takes Esperanza to the hills to watch the sunrise, and she teaches him how to listen to the earth. They hold hands. We say "aww."