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Esperanza Rising
Esperanza Rising
by Pam Muñoz Ryan
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Esperanza Rising Principles Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

Had all of Mama's rules changed since they had boarded the train? (5.89)

Mama's "rules" about proper behavior seem to have changed since they boarded the train to the United States. What is different now that they're on their way toward the U.S.? Have Mama's principles changed?

Quote #8

"Here, we have two choices. To be together and miserable or to be together and happy. Mija, we have each other and Abuelita will come. How would she want you to behave? I choose to be happy. So which will you choose?" (7.23)

Mama is quite the optimist. She's just lost her husband, her house, and all her money, but she still sees the glass as half full. After all, she and Esperanza are still together.

Quote #9

"Do you know how lucky we are, Esperanza? Many people come to this valley and wait months for a job. [...] Please be grateful for the favors bestowed upon us." (7.25)

Mama tries to teach Esperanza to be an optimist, too. Esperanza has been focusing on all the things she has lost, but Mama reminds her to be grateful for the things they still have.

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