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Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising


by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Esperanza Rising Quotes

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Perseverance Quotes

Abuelita smiled, reached over, and pulled the yarn, unravelling all of Esperanza's rows. "Do not be afraid to start over," she said. (2.38)

The Home Quotes

She pressed closer to the ground, until her body was breathing with the earth's. And with Papa's. The three hearts beating together. (1.15)

Justice and Judgment Quotes

"They don't want us banding together for higher wages or better housing," said Marta. "The owners think if Mexicans have no hot water, that we won't mind as long as we think no one has any." (6.97)

Society and Class Quotes

They [the campesinos] were covered top to bottom, in long-sleeved shirts, baggy pants tied at the ankles with string, and bandanas wrapped around their foreheads and necks to protect them from the...

Poverty Quotes

"We have little money and Hortensia, Alfonso, and Miguel are no longer our servants. We are indebted to them for our finances and our future. And that trunk of clothes for the poor? Esperanza, it's...

Principles Quotes

"Aguántate tantito y la fruta caerá en tu mano," he said. "Wait a little while and the fruit will fall into your hand. You must be patient, Esperanza." (1.10)

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes

After their Quinceañeras, they would be old enough to be courted, marry, and become las patronas, the heads of their households, rising to the positions of their mothers before them. (2.11)

Visions of America Quotes

Esperanza suddenly felt guilty and did not want to admit that she had never noticed or that it might be true. Besides, they were going to the United States now and it certainly would not be true th...

Prejudice Quotes

"Esperanza, people here think that all Mexicans are alike. They think that we are all uneducated, dirty, poor, and unskilled. It does not occur to them that many have been trained in professions in...

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