Essay Lab Glossary



You know that piece of paper your teacher handed out (or posted online) as she was saying something about “essay…blah blah…due date…blah blah…everything you need to know…triple blah” that is now crumpled at the bottom of your backpack and covered in pretzel crumbs? Dig it out, brush it off (or lick it off, if you are really opposed to wasting those crumbs), and read the instructions closely. Not that closely—you’ll make your eyes cross.

Make note of what is due and when it’s due. We’re hoping you’re doing all this at least a couple days before the due date, and not a couple hours. Now, set some deadlines for yourself. Plan to have the essay done and ready a day before the due date. This way, you can even fit in a facial on the day you do your final edits! Perfect skin and a perfect essay? Yes, it is possible.