Essay Lab Glossary



A thesis is usually 1-2 sentences at the end of the introduction. It states the main point of the entire essay. Oh-ho, look who’s so important.

The thesis makes a clear, arguable assertion and sometimes previews the support for that assertion that will be developed in the following paragraphs. It states: “Here is my point, and here is how I’ll prove it.” Fancier thesis statements will do so in a British accent. Everything that comes after the thesis should work to support the thesis. Or else—it’s fired.


A strong thesis is the essential foundation of a solid academic essay. So what makes a thesis strong? Milk and three daily servings of vegetables?

A strong thesis has your unique perspective on the topic. It’s debatable. It’s supportable. It’s interesting. It makes your reader want to read more to find out why you think what you think. Man, this sounds like a sentence we’d want to be friends with.