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Eukaryotic Cell Structure

A cell is the fundamental unit of all life, composing all living things. All cells are surrounded by a plasma membrane that sets their boundaries and keeps the bad guys out—or the cell keeps the...

Movement in Smaller Eukaryotes and Eukaryotic Cells

Who likes to move it, move it?While most of us larger, multicellular (or tons o' cells) eukaryotes can move and groove with the help of some legs and arms, our single cells and unicellular compadre...

Eukaryotic Kingdoms

Brace yourself. It's about to get eukaryotically crazy up in here. We're gearing up to run full speed ahead into the diversity of this domain. It's advised you take a minute to warm up those brain...

Origin of Eukaryotes

Earth is 4.6+ billion years old. It's seen a lot of birthday cake in those years, but it's really only seen eukaryotes for about the last 2 billion.When life first got started on Earth during the P...

Eukaryotes and Environmental Problems

Mo' eukaryotes, mo' problems.Oh, well. Evolution and time have brought us some fantastic eukaryotic diversity across the kingdoms. It's also brought us some "organism rivalry." Thanks to other euka...

Eukaryotic Model Organisms

Scientists care a lot about curing human disease and understanding human development. For obvious reasons, using humans as experimental objects isn't exactly considered ethical or safe. You might w...

Common Mistakes

Eukaryotic Cell StructureProkaryotes are simpler organisms than eukaryotes. The prefix "pro" refers to "before," because prokaryotes came before eukaryotes, which evolved later. Movement in Smaller...

Test Your Knowledge

Eukaryotic Cell Structure1. True or False: Prokaryotes have nuclei. 2. The general term for DNA and associated proteins is (are):a. Chromosomesb. Chromatinc. Chromatone d. Histonee. Nucleus3. What...

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