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Eurydice's Wall


Love you, Orpheus!

Love you.

Love you more.

No me!

No ME!

You guys even gross me out.

Major shout out to Dionysus! Thanks for having Orpheus dismembered. I'm so glad he's with me now in the Underworld.

Hey, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's having people dismembered.

I have to say, I'm a little uncomfortable with this conversation.

Hey, Eurydice. How about you and Orpheus come by the Palace tonight?

We might have plans. I'll check. ☺

Have you checked on those plans yet?

Oh, just have to ask Orphy. He should be home soon.


Oh, sorry! Yeah, Orpheus just wants to stay in tonight.

You're avoiding me. Aren't you?

No... no... never, Your Majesty.

Just tell me why you won't come over.

Isn't this kind of an awkward thing to talk about on a public wall?

Tell me, or I'll have you and Orpheus dumped into Tartarus.

And you wonder why you don't have friends…

That was hurtful.

Ugh, why can't at least one tree grow in the Underworld?

It would help if Hades would let me drive my sun chariot down there.


That's my sun chariot, jerk. You stole my job!

Just get over it, loser.

Guys, go argue on your own walls.   

How about coming on a little boat ride today?

Uh... yeah... how about not?

It'll be fun.

No it won't.

You didn't have fun on our first voyage together?

You were taking me into the world of the dead.

I thought we had a lovely conversation.

You are creepy, and I am unfriending you.

Please, no! I hardly have any friends.

Is it really so hard to figure out why?

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