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Everything That Rises Must Converge

Everything That Rises Must Converge


by Flannery O'Connor

Julian Chestny Timeline and Summary

  • Julian waits for his mother to put on her hideous hat so he can accompany her to the Y.
  • Soon, Julian loses patience and walks out the door.
  • Once outside, his mother wants to return the hat and he tells her to "shut up and enjoy it" (13).
  • He gets into an argument with her about integration and their family history of owning slaves.
  • When they reach the bus stop, Julian takes off his tie to upset his mother … but then he puts it back on when she insists.
  • On the bus, Julian sits next to his mother and pretends to read a newspaper to avoid speaking with the other white passengers.
  • A large, well-dressed black man gets on the bus, and Julian sits next to him. Why? Duh, to upset his mother.
  • Julian asks the man for matches, even though he doesn't smoke.
  • A black mother and son get on the bus. Ha! She's wearing the same hat as his mother.
  • When they're about to leave the bus, he realizes his mother will try to give money to Carver.
  • He panics and tells her not to do it.
  • Carver's mother hits Julian's mother and he tells her that she "got exactly what you deserved" (104).
  • Julian finally sees that his mother is not okay when she falls to the ground again.
  • He runs into the darkness, screaming for help.