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Evidence of Evolution

Evidence of Evolution

Evidence of Evolution: Trilobite On This True or False

1. Hutton and Lyell are best known for -> Laying the foundation of modern geology
2. Which of the following is an example of pre-evolutionary thought? -> Characteristics acquired during an organism's life can be inherited, and over many generations this leads to evolution
3. Stratigraphy is -> The study of layers of rock and sediment
4. Species that are more closely related share a more _________ common ancestor and have more ________ homologous structures. -> recent; similar
5. Which of the following statements does not support the idea of common ancestry? -> The same geologic processes at work today were at work in the past
6. Using DNA sequences to determine relatedness depends on all of the following assumptions EXCEPT: -> DNA replication is not perfect; sometimes mutations occur
7. Which of the following is NOT an example of artificial selection? -> Humans breed racehorses that are proven winners
8. Which of the following statements about common ancestry is false? -> Eukaryotes share a common ancestor, but prokaryotes do not
9. Convergent evolution is -> None of the above
10. Transitional fossils in whale evolution show -> A gradual progression from a land-dwelling wolf-like mammal to a fully aquatic organism