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Evidence of Evolution Resources


National Center for Science Education

If science were a sport, evolution would seem to always be playing defense. Find out why it's important to learn about this basic branch of biology.

Kitzmiller versus Dover

Is it constitutional to teach intelligent design? Find out what the lawyers have to say.

Understanding Evolution

Do you want proof, or do you want fossils? Lucky for you, this site has both.

PBS Evolution

If you look hard enough, you can find Darwin wearing a sweet cravat.

Biography of James Hutton

Geology would be nothing without this guy.

Biography of William Smith

He had mad fossil succession skillz.

Charles Lyell and Uniformitarianism

Uplifting things can cause gradual change. Find out how.


Hear What Scientists Have To Say

Scientists from all over the board test their evolutionary chops.

History From a Geological Perspective:

Geology and evolution—a love story.

Vestigial Structures

Do I need that? Probably not, but watch just to make sure.

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