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Book of Exodus

Book of Exodus

Book of Exodus Themes

Little Words, Big Ideas

Freedom and Confinement

It's the stuff of the American Revolution. It's the stuff of the Civil War. And it's the stuff of George Michael. People have been wanting their freedom for millennia, and things are no different i...

Family and Community

The ancients lived in a dog-eat-dog world. Life was rougher, more violent, and generally less survivable than it is today. For many people, one of the biggest concerns was leaving a lasting legacy,...

The Rise of Civilization

The rise of civilization was all the rage in the ancient world. It was a problem and a benefit that people had to constantly deal with. In one sense, civilization gave average people access to good...


Exodus is one of the best commentaries ever written on the nature of human stubbornness. Seriously, show this one to your sister/dad/toddler/wife next time they just won't give in. People have been...

The Covenant

The covenant is more than just an agreement between God and the Israelites. It has its own quirks, subtleties, and super-weird moments. And in many ways, Exodus is the covenant book—It's the rule...

Law and Society

The Declaration of Independence. The Magna Carta. Hammurabi's Code. Exodus.The legal mess in Exodus is one of the most influential documents in Western history. Once the Israelites are free, they h...


Finding your place in life can be tough. It's true for us, for the Israelites, for Moses, and even for God. In fact, the whole Book of Exodus seems to be one big struggle for different individuals...
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