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Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451


by Ray Bradbury

Professor Faber Timeline and Summary

  • Montag recalls meeting Faber in a park. He believes that the old man had a book of poetry on him and was even quoting poetry (he spoke with a “cadence”). He gave Montag his contact information in case he wanted to turn him in.
  • Montag calls Faber during his personal crisis to ask how many copies of the Bible exist in the world. Faber doesn’t want to talk over the phone.
  • So Montag goes over to his house. Faber explains that he (Faber) is a coward. Montag plots to bring down the fireman structure and return books to the people.
  • Faber explains that the people don’t want books, and besides, it isn’t books that are important, it’s the information they contain.
  • He gives Montag a two-way radio earpiece and tells him he’ll contact his former book-printing buddy.
  • When Montag acts the fool in front of Mildred’s friends, Faber urges him to stop over the earpiece, to no avail.
  • When Beatty taunts Montag at the firehouse, Faber again urges over the earpiece for Montag to stay calm and not say anything.
  • After Montag’s house is a pile of ashes on the ground, Faber suggests that he run away. When the earpiece falls to the ground and Beatty picks it up, it’s clear that Faber is in danger.
  • The next thing Faber knows, he’s harboring the city’s most wanted fugitive. They share some whisky and watch the pursuit on the television.
  • Montag leaves Faber some cash and they plan to meet outside of St. Louis. Faber provides his friend with smelly clothes (what are friends for) and advises that he head for the river.