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Fake Plastic Trees

Fake Plastic Trees


by Radiohead

Movies & TV

Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy (1999)

This documentary focuses on the mania that surrounded the release of Radiohead's album, OK Computer, and the tours that followed. The filmmaker follows the band around with his little camera, exposing the everyday life of a British rockstar

Radiohead: The Astoria London Live

This DVD offers live footage from a concert the band played in London in 1994, featuring a mix of tracks from Pablo Honey and The Bends.

Radiohead: Logical Emotions

This DVD traces the entire history of the band, their live shows, studio time, and immense influence on pop culture worldwide.

Radiohead: Homework

This DVD covers the making of the legendary band and delves into the various cultural and artistic influences that make them who they are today. Doesn't sound like homework to us.

The Best of Radiohead (2008)

This DVD is a collection of the band's 21 most famous music videos to date, including "Fake Plastic Trees"

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