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Fake Plastic Trees

Fake Plastic Trees


by Radiohead

Video & Audio

"Fake Plastic Trees," live in Glastonbury, UK, 2003

They always perform this song live, every time they play.

"Creep" Music Video

Just to show you how different they sound from this song to "Fake Plastic Trees." "Creep" is almost indistinguishable from many other early-90s alternative rock hits. Sounding a little like Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit," the music gets louder and softer throughout the song. Nirvana was launched into superstardom by "Smells like Teen Spirit" just as "Creep" launched Radiohead's career, and both bands spent the rest of their careers trying to distance themselves from these songs and to live them down.

Radiohead Interview—2003

Funny interviewer: "This is the general perception of Radiohead: you guys sit around picking scabs off your arms, all gloomy, reading old Russian novels."

Radiohead Interview—1995

A rare older interview in which the band discusses following up "Creep" and Pablo Honey with The Bends.

"Awkward Thom Yorke Interview"

In this one we get to see the bizarre and guarded personality behind one of the greatest rock bands in history. Yorke continually responds to the interviewer's questions over and over, "It's not your business, it's our business, I don't want to be answering these questions for the next f------ five years."

"Fake Plastic Trees" Music Video

Directed by Jake Scott and filmed in an airport hangar in Los Angeles, the video follows the band around a weird, futuristic supermarket where all the items are large jars full of colored stuff. Maybe a nod to what society will eventually be like if we keep living such plastic lives? Apparently not: "The film is actually an allegory for death and reincarnation but if you can read that into it you must be as weird as the people who made it." says director Jake Scott. Okay then.

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