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Fake Plastic Trees

Fake Plastic Trees


by Radiohead



The band's official webpage, updated often. Contains info about tours, their world travels, political and social commentary, articles, interviews, pictures, videos, and more.

Green Plastic

A very thorough fansite dedicated to all things Radiohead

Cockney Online

A website dedicated to all things Cockney. From the lifestyle to the food to the accent, it's your one-stop spot for East London Pride.

Sound and Fury

"Radiohead doesn't do interviews and they're never photographed together. But when Andrew Smith joined them on tour in Paris, the notoriously temperamental Thom Yorke talked about Nasty Nick, bad reviews and how his breakdown nearly broke the band."

The Searchers: Radiohead's unquiet revolution

Writer Alex Ross published this very thorough and cool article in The New Yorker.

How To Cope With Stress

In case learning all about "Fake Plastic Trees" made you worry about your own everyday stress levels, this article provides some good calm-down techniques.

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