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The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher

by Edgar Allan Poe

Fear Quotes Page 3

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #7

While he spoke, the lady Madeline (for so was she called) passed slowly through a remote portion of the apartment, and, without having noticed my presence, disappeared. I regarded her with an utter astonishment not unmingled with dread--and yet I found it impossible to account for such feelings. A sensation of stupor oppressed me, as my eyes followed her retreating steps. (13)

This line is great evidence for the argument that Madeline is nearly a ghost or apparition.

Quote #8

I learned that the glimpse I had obtained of her person would thus probably be the last I should obtain--that the lady, at least while living, would be seen by me no more. (14)

Look at the foreshadowing in this line – there is such a sense of doom that we can predict Madeline’s death quite easily.

Quote #9

Certain accessory points of the design served well to convey the idea that this excavation lay at a exceeding depth below the surface of the earth. No outlet was observed in any portion of its vast extent, and no torch, or other artificial source of light was discernible; yet a flood of intense rays rolled throughout, and bathed the whole in a ghastly and inappropriate splendour. (17)

Pay attention to the number of instances of eerie light, or light of unknown origin, that crop up in this story…