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A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms


by Ernest Hemingway

Catherine Barkley Timeline and Summary

  • Catherine, a V.A.D. nurse, meets Frederic, an American who is driving ambulances for the Red Cross, in Gorizia, Italy. She falls in love with him.
  • After he’s wounded at the front and transported to Milan, she follows him there.
  • She has a hot and heavy relationship with him, and takes care of the wounded soldiers coming into the hospital.
  • She tells Frederic she’s three months pregnant, and they plan to vacation together during his three month leave.
  • Catherine goes with Frederic to a hotel before he has to catch the midnight train.
  • We only see her in Frederic’s dreams and fantasies until he deserts the army and finds her in Stresa, Italy.
  • She flees with Frederic by rowboat in the night to Switzerland, upon a warning of his impending arrest for desertion.
  • They have a beautiful time in Switzerland until she goes into labor.
  • She has an awful and painful labor, and the baby dies sometime during or after her Caesarean operation.
  • She dies of multiple hemorrhages shortly thereafter.