A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms
by Ernest Hemingway
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A Farewell to Arms Drugs and Alcohol Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

[…] you pulled the neck of the flask down with the forefinger and the wine, clear, red, tannic and lovely, poured out into the glass held with the same hand." (2.8)

This is quite a contrast to all the bad wine the soldiers drink later on in the novel.

Quote #2

I had treated seeing Catherine very lightly, I had gotten somewhat drunk and had nearly forgotten to come but when I could not see her there I was feeling lonely and hollow. (8.89)

The wine both magnifies and interferes with Frederic’s desire to see Catherine.

Quote #3

"I won’t kiss you if you don’t want. I’ll send your English girl. Good-by, baby. The cognac is under the bed." (10.73)

Gosh, that Rinaldi is flirty. And he knows the way to Frederic’s heart – booze under the bed!

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