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A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms

by Ernest Hemingway

A Farewell to Arms: A Hello to Legs True or False

1. This story is generally calledCompletely autobiographical
2. What did Hemingway do during World War I?Work on Wall Street
3. Hemingway is considered to be part of theBrat Pack
4. Hemingway was a journnalist for theKansas City Star
5. The Boston Superintendent of Police hated Hemingway's work. He thought it wasPhotographic
6. Frederic Henry's life seems to revolve aroundYup, he's got a problem
7. Pretty much everyone in the novel has a job related toHealing
8. Catherine is aVAD
9. The priest and Frederic disagree aboutFrederic's ability to love
10. Count Greffi isSpry