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Fates Photos

An Unflattering Painting
We're really not as horrible as everybody paints us. [The Fates by Francisco de Goya, 1819-1823]

And Another One
Are we really this old and scary looking? [The Three Fates by Francesco Salviati, 1550]

Looking Good
We swear it's not airbrushed! [The Fates Spinning Marie's Destiny by Peter Paul Rubens, 1622-1625]

Hard at Work
We take our spinning very seriously. [Les Parques by Alfred Agache, 1885]

It's Our Fate
We can't help it if we're the ones who decide when everybody dies—it's just what we have to do. [The Triumph of Death, or the Three Fates, Flemish Tapestry, 1510-1520]

Sad Times
Sometimes it's very gloomy being a sister of Fate. [Hecate, or the Three Fates by William Blake, 1795]

Flexing Our Muscles
We were doing a lot of weightlifting during this period. Check out those six-packs! [The Three Fates by Jacob Matham, 1587]

Political Cartoon
This political cartoonist made the mistake of depicting us as witches—he met his fate not long after. [Charon's Boat by H. Humphrey, 1807]

Death Lurking
We think Thanatos has crush on us—he's always hanging around. [Die drei Parzen by Sodoma, 1525]

One Day We'll Retire to Costa Rica
Yeah, right! [A Golden Thread by Strudwick, 1885]

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