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Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons


by Ivan Turgenev

Fathers and Sons Chapter 2 Summary

  • Arkady doesn't even have time to shake the dust off as his father embraces him. Nikolai is ecstatic and insists on having a look at his son.
  • He quickly begins leading the carriage to a parking place, but Arkady tells him that first he has to introduce his new friend, Bazarov.
  • Nikolai turns and goes back to grip Bazarov's hand. Bazarov is slow in offering it to him, and as he introduces himself his face is "animated by a tranquil smile betokening self-assurance and intelligence" (2.8).
  • Nikolai yells at Piotr to harness Arkady's horses. Nikolai takes Arkady in his own barouch (a type of four-wheeled carriage with two seats facing each other), while Bazarov rides behind in the tarantass (a different type of four-wheeled carriage resting on two parallel wooden bars).
  • Arkady encourages his father not to stand on ceremony (take too much trouble) for them.
  • Nikolai's coachman, Mitya, brings the horses around. Bazarov yells at him to hurry up, calling him "old bushy-beard" (2.18). The other driver kids him about it, but Mitya makes no reply.
  • They all load up in the carriages and head toward Nikolai's house.

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