Fathers and Sons
Fathers and Sons
by Ivan Turgenev
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Character Role Analysis

Anna Sergeyevna Odintsov

As soon as they see her, both Arkady and Bazarov become infatuated with Madame Odintsov. At first, she thinks of Arkady as much younger and more immature than she is, and she becomes entangled with Bazarov. Anna Sergeyevna, in a way, sets off Bazarov's downfall. She doesn't realize what she is doing, but she acts coy with him and he eventually can do nothing but confess his love for her. Like Bazarov, however, Anna Sergeyevna has serious intimacy issues, and she immediately rebuffs him. The romance ends up falling to the younger couple: Arkady and Katya. After Bazarov leaves her, Anna Sergeyevna, though older and seemingly wiser, ends up being the one who is confused and alone.

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