Fathers and Sons
Fathers and Sons
by Ivan Turgenev
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Fathers and Sons Traditions and Customs Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

"When you first came to stay in my brother's house, and before I denied myself the pleasure of conversing with you, I had occasion to hear you express opinions on many subjects; but, so far as my memory serves, neither in conversation with me nor in my presence was any reference ever made to the subject of single combat or dueling in general. May I inquire what your views are on this subject?" (24.5)

What seems to be the appeal of dueling to a man like Pavel Petrovich? What do you make of the role of manners in the duel? Is it absurd? Practical? How is Bazarov giving into the tradition that he generally renounces by agreeing to the duel with Pavel Petrovich?

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