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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars


by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 10 Summary

  • The trip to Amsterdam has finally arrived, and Hazel goes out into the car after breakfast with her parents.
  • Her Dad gives her a mushy gushy farewell, and she and her mother drive over to Augustus's house.
  • Inside, someone is crying. Augustus and his mom are apparently fighting.
  • Hazel and her mom quickly retreat back to the car.
  • Hazel gets a text from Augustus about what to wear, and then he shows up outside the house, smiling as if nothing's happened.
  • They drive to the airport and go through all the security checkpoints before arriving at the gate.
  • It's a little awkward boarding the plane because everyone's watching them like zoo animals. "Oh look, the sick kids!"
  • Augustus is super excited about flying, and Hazel kisses him on the cheek—in a friendly way, of course. Those two are starting to get awful friendly.
  • They fly all the way to Detroit to catch their plane to… where else? Amsterdam!
  • Hazel and Augustus watch movies and discuss mortality and all that good stuff.
  • Then without much fanfare, Augustus tells Hazel that he's in love with her. She doesn't say anything back, but still. Awww moment.

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