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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars


by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 12 Summary

  • Hazel wakes up in the morning and reads An Imperial Affliction in bed before getting ready.
  • She decides to dress like Anna does in the book.
  • They get to Van Houten's house and are of course crazy excited.
  • They knock on the door, and an old dude opens it before slamming it in their faces.
  • From inside, they can hear him talking to his assistant Lidewij, and telling her that she must tell them to leave at once because he doesn't want to meet them.
  • The door opens again, and they enter his house, where he proceeds to be a huge drunken jerk to them, only answering Hazel's question about what happens to the hamster (and no one else).
  • Hazel gets worked up. She says that even though it's not a literary question, she has to know what becomes of Anna's mother and everyone else after she dies.
  • Van Houten dismissively tells Hazel that the Dutch Tulip man is God, and that they're talking about a novel, not a "historical enterprise."
  • He says that he had only promised to tell her the ending because he thought that she wasn't well enough for travel and never intended to tell her at all.
  • Then he takes his jerkiness a step further and says that she is just a failed experiment in mutation.
  • Lidewij quits right there and then as Van Houten and Hazel argue. Hazel is so outraged that she even smacks the glass of brandy from his hands.
  • Augustus finally leads Hazel outside, where Hazel Grace starts crying. He comforts her and tells her that he'll write her an epilogue.
  • Lidewij comes out to join them, and they all decide to continue with plans to go visit Anne Frank's house. Trip still on! There's a group of troopers if we ever saw one.
  • Hazel struggles her way through walking up the narrow, steep steps of the Anne Frank house with her oxygen tank. She makes it all the way to the top, where she sees where the Franks lived. Augustus and Hazel flirt in front of a video of Otto Frank. And finally—finally!—they kiss.
  • Because they're caught in the throes of teenage lust, Augustus and Hazel go back to the hotel and to his room, where they do, ahem, some sexy things.
  • Afterward, Hazel writes him a love letter in which she draws him a Venn Diagram signifying his loss of virginity. Clever gal.

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