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The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green
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The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 13 Summary

  • The next day, they tell Hazel's mom a funnier version of the Peter Van Houten story.
  • Hazel's mom leaves them so that they have time to talk. Seems weirdly ominous, right?
  • They walk back to the hotel and Hazel is terrified, obviously, because Augustus has something big to tell her.
  • Augustus sits her down and tells her that he recently went in for a PET scan… and it wasn't good. His cancer has returned. They are both utterly devastated—and in love and sad and heartbroken. They are, essentially, feeling all the feelings.
  • Many tears are shed and Augustus promises that he'll fight that cancer as hard as he can for her.
  • Also, the reason he was fighting with his parents was because they wanted him not to go to Amsterdam so he could keep up with his chemo treatment.
  • Augustus is sad that he will never have his epic fight, the thing that will give his life meaning.
  • Hazel tells him that he gets to battle cancer.
  • Then, after all the serious talk is over, they make out. Duh.
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