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The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green
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The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 16 Summary

  • Things settle into a schedule, with Hazel going over to hang out with Augustus daily.
  • He tells her that he still wants to write her a sequel to An Imperial Affliction, but that he's just so tired and can't find the time to do it.
  • They go outside sometimes and go back inside when he needs meds and food in his G-tube.
  • They play video games and take naps and do all sorts of couple-y things together—except that neither of them is totally well.
  • Hazel wishes she could do something that would allow Augustus to save her so that he'd feel like he was making a big heroic difference.
  • She goes home every night, but is back there again the next day, like clockwork.
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