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The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green
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The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 20 Summary

  • Augustus calls Hazel on his last good day and asks her if she'll prepare a eulogy for him and come to the Literal Heart of Jesus that night.
  • Hazel's parents tell her that she can't spend all her time with Augustus, but she counters that he has a limited amount of time left.
  • She gets into a fight with them, finally leaving even though they don't want her to.
  • When they protest, she tells them that Augustus will die any day now, and that totally shuts them up.
  • She drives over to the Literal Heart of Jesus and sees Augustus in a wheelchair.
  • He says he wanted to arrange a prefuneral for himself.
  • Isaac gives a eulogy about how Augustus is an arrogant bastard, and then starts to cry.
  • Hazel also gets up and gives her eulogy, and of course, she cries, too.
  • Her eulogy is about infinities and how she's glad that she and Augustus got to have their own infinities.
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