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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars


by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 24 Summary

  • Augustus's dad calls to tell Hazel that they found a notebook that he could have been writing in, but that a few pages were torn out of it.
  • Hazel goes to Support Group in hopes that the pages of the notebook were left there for her to find, but she can't find them anywhere.
  • She gets through Support Group and doesn't say much—then she goes home.
  • When she arrives at home, she gets into a fight with her mom about eating, and says that she's not healthy and is dying anyway. She even says that she can't do anything about her mom not being a mother anymore after she dies.
  • Hazel says that she wants her parents to have a life after she's gone, and her mom admits that she's taking some classes to get her master's in social work. She only hid it from her because she didn't want Hazel to think that she was imagining a life without her.
  • Surprisingly, Hazel's totally stoked that her mom wants to be a Support Group leader and starts crying tears of happiness.
  • When they're watching TV later, she also makes them swear that they'll stay together even after she's gone.

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