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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars


by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars Chapter 4 Summary

  • Hazel starts rereading An Imperial Affliction... again.
  • The book is apparently about a girl named Anna who lives in California and gets this rare blood cancer.
  • There's a lot of drama with her cancer and Anna's mother falls in love with a Dutch Tulip Man.
  • The story ends right in the middle of a sentence. 
  • An Imperial Affliction is the only book that Peter Van Houten has written and he's apparently extremely reclusive—but Hazel wants to track him down and learn about the ending of the book.
  • She texts Augustus to tell him that she's finished The Price of Dawn, and then calls him because he insists upon it.
  • They chat and she tells him that he can only see her again when he finishes reading An Imperial Affliction. Ooh, flirting!
  • Hazel goes to class at the community college and then goes to see a movie about gerbils with her mom.
  • When she gets out of the movie, Augustus has texted her frantically asking her why An Imperial Affliction just ends in the middle of nowhere.
  • Upon calling Augustus, she hears violent sobbing in the background and he tells her to come over because Isaac is having a breakdown.
  • Isaac and Augustus are in the basement playing video games, and Isaac is not doing well. In fact, he's bawling his eyes out. Why? Because Monica has dumped him and he's about to go blind.
  • She watches the boys play video games for a while—very therapeutic.
  • Then Isaac goes berserk and starts kicking things until Augustus encourages him to start destroying all the trophies in the basement.

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